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Mongolian Chicken
$ 12.00

White meat chicken sautéed with fresh onions and scallions in Mongolian sauce, Garnish with crispy rice noodles

General Tso's Chicken
$ 12.00

Tender chicken chunks lightly battered and sautéed in a spicy garlic sauce

Sesame Chicken
$ 12.00

Lightly fried white meat chicken cooked with a special sauce, garnished with broccoli and sprinkled with sesame seeds

Kung Pao Chicken
$ 12.00

Tender cubes of chicken sautéed with peanuts, chili, vegetables in spicy brown sauce

Sweet N' Sour Chicken
$ 12.00

Deep fried chunk chicken breast, garnished with bell pepper, onions, pineapples in sweet and sour sauce

Honey Walnut Chicken
$ 13.00

Crispy fried chicken in a creamy and sweet sauce topped with honey glazed walnuts

Garlic Chicken
$ 12.00

Diced chicken sautéed with water chestnuts, mushrooms, bamboo shoot, celery, carrots in brown garlic sauce

Black Pepper Chicken
$ 12.00

Sliced chicken breast with various vegetables in black pepper sauce cooked to perfection

Chicken with Cashew Nuts
$ 12.00

Diced chicken cooked with various vegetables, onion and cashew nuts in brown sauce

Hunan Chicken .
$ 12.00

Sliced white meat chicken delicately cooked with mushrooms, snow peas in spicy Hunan sauce

Szechuan Chicken
$ 12.00

Slightly fried chicken breast sautéed with homemade hot spicy sauce with vegetables

Snow White Chicken (Moo Goo Gai Pan)
$ 12.00

White tender breast of chicken delicately cooked with mushrooms and snow peas

Double Mushroom Chicken
$ 12.00

Tender piece of chicken with fresh mushrooms, black mushrooms, and vegetables in brown sauce

Tangerine Chicken
$ 12.00

Lightly fried white meat chicken with bell pepper, scallions in spicy sweet and tangerine flavored sauce

Mu Shu Chicken
$ 12.00

Fancy flavored eggs with chicken and skin mushrooms served with plum sauce and thin Chinese pancakes

Chicken Lettuce Wrap
$ 14.00

Chopped vegetables and chicken in special sauce,served in lettuce bowls

Mandarin Chicken
$ 12.00

White tender chicken with vegetables sautéed in our Chinese famous sa-cha sauce served on a hot plate

Thai Spicy Chicken
$ 12.00

Fried white chicken with shredded carrots, bell pepper, and onions in Thai peppery ground sauce

Spicy Basil Chicken
$ 12.00

Sliced white meat chicken sautéed with basil leaf and various vegetables in spicy Cajun pepper sauce

Chicken with Chinese Vegetables
$ 12.00

Chicken with Broccoli
$ 12.00

Chicken with Asparagus
$ 12.00

Crispy Canton Chicken
$ 12.00 (Half)

Crispy Roast Duck
$ 16.00 (Half)

Peking Duck
(Half) $ 20.00 (Whole) $ 39.00

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